I am here to help you become financially free

iSpyFi was created to help people reach their dream financial goals

I am starting this journey now, I am at the same stage as you, so why can we not do this together? Here you can read more about who I am and why I am undertaking such a massive project!

Hi, my name is David! I am not a financial expert, so I am learning as I go, but I have my goal of reaching Financial Independence by the time I am 45. That gives me just under 13 years to get moving and build the life I dream of for my family.

In the UK there is something that holds us back from putting ourselves out there. We don’t want to be vulnerable or judged negatively, but by putting ourselves at the mercy of others opinions we negatively affect our own lives. I have made the decision to start the iSpyFi blog for a couple of different reasons.

  1. Hold myself accountable.
  2. Document my journey to help other people.
  3. Push myself out of my comfort zone for personal growth.

A great quote that has stuck with me from the Rebel Entrepreneur podcast is,

‘Everything you have always wanted is just outside of your comfort zone, otherwise you would already have it’.

So here I am pushing myself out of my comfort zone, I am going to achieve Financial Independence and I want you to join me on the journey!

You will want to join our quest to financial independence if any of these sound like you,

  • Wish i had more time in my life.
  • I don’t want to work 9-5 until retirement at 65+.
  • Why cant I get out of debt. This cycle is endless!
  • I think there must be more to life than this.

Join the iSpyFi community and lets take the first steps together.

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